GST Reporting

It is compulsory for businesses to come forward to register for GST when their turnover exceeds $1 million per year. Businesses that do not exceed $1million in turnover may register for GST voluntarily. Companies which are registered for GST will be required to file GST returns on a quarterly basis. We have the expertise to assist you in the preparation and filing of such returns. Clients do not have to worry on meeting quarterly GST deadlines as we will do the job of tracking the deadlines on behalf of our clients.

Our GST Reporting Services includes but not limited to the following functions:

  • Apply for GST registration
  • Complete and submit GST return
  • Cancellation of GST registration

Just send us the relevant documents and leave the hassles of completing GST return to us. We assist our clients to prepare GST reports which comply with Singapore GST Rules and Regulations.

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